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Plotting Wave File Samples in the Time Domain

For the first day of #100DaysOfDSP, I focused on plotting samples in the time domain. I obtained samples of two wave files–my dogs howling and myself singing “Special” from Avenue Q–with the scipy.io wavfile module in Python. The read function accepts the file path of a wave. It returns an integer representing the wave’s sample…

Finding Focus

I dabbled the past few months to determine where I want to start. Now, time to dig into several projects. Working Satellites To work satellites, I will need to obtain or build an antenna. I plan to use a Yagi-Uda, or Yagi, antenna for the 2m and 70cm bands. Weak Signal Propagation Beacon I learned…

Why I Write

I find myself on the outside looking in on the vast, technical hobby of amateur radio. The hobby feels inaccessible and daunting for multiple reasons. Amateur radio is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. It requires financial investment to obtain equipment and licensing. To be licensed, you must pass exams generated from question pools. The…

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